Nidaime Ebi Soba 二代目海老そば外伝

Tokyo Ramen Street is simply a genius idea. Place a bunch of the more popular ramen shops in one of the busiest stations in Tokyo, and give locals and tourists a chance to try some of the great ramens that the city has to offer.

Nidaime Ebi Soba is a very different concept. Take ramen, which has been one of the staples in the Japanese diet, but integrate ebi (shrimp) into the soup base. What you get is a very different experience of ramen consumption.

One of the huge wins for this place is it offers Sapporo draft beer (one of my favorites)! Kudo points for sure!

The ramen (or soba) option is unlike everything I have ever tasted. The soup based with packed with shrimp flavor, which was quite a pleasant change to the usual tonkotsu, shoyu, gyokai ramen soups that seems to be everywhere.

As you can see the soup is fairly dark, very flavorful, and really tasty.

The tamago is done very well here, and certainly one of the highlights of this place (along with the beer).

The noodles, on the other hand, were very average. Maybe because I am use to ramen, and this was more close to soba. And because of the nature of Japanese food, they decided to pair a seafood-based soup with soba style noodles instead of ramen. I wasn't blown away from the noodles.

Everything from this shop is pretty well labeled, even it's spoon has the shop's logo.

My friend took the chance and ordered the tsukemen, and as soon as her order came, I had food envy. The noodles were very different, and she said they were very good.

And as you can see, the soup, also ebi-based, was very thick, and she also said it was very good. Sometimes you can tell by just looking at it, but to me, I realized I made a mistake by ordering the ramen/soba instead of the tsukemen.

Is Nidaime a place I would visit time and time again? Probably not. But with so many options for ramen and tsukemen in Tokyo that offers the same soup-base, you won't find many that offers an ebi-based soup. As far as I know, the shops on Tokyo Ramen Street will change from time to time, and at the time of writing this review, Nidaime Ebi Soba is already long gone. If you are interested in trying a ebi-based ramen, the only other one I know of is in Takadanobaba, with a similar name: Nidaime Ebi Soba Keisuke 二代目 海老そば けいすけ. I am not sure if they are related or not, but if you are interested in ebi-based ramen, give it a shot and let me know.

City: Tokyo, Japan
Location: Tokyo Station - Tokyo Ramen Street (closed)

Nidaime Ebi Soba Keisuke
City: Tokyo, Japan
Location: Takadanobaba, 5 minutes walk from the station
Hours: 11am - 11:30pm weekdays, 11am - 11pm weekends and holidays
Ordering system: Unknown
Available in English: Unknown

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