Sakura Zaka 中華ソバ 櫻坂

Shibuya is known for many things: shopping, nightlife, hachiko, 109 girls, but not really known for being a ramen place. But just within walking distance from the station, I found not only Hayashi, which easily became one of my favorite shops for tonkotsu gyokai ramen, but found Sakura Zaka, which was also highly rated on ramendb.

Sakura Zaka is known for some very interesting ramen styles. There was one called tonkotsu shio, which was pork bone w/ salt, and this I had never seen before in any other shop. But at the time when I visited, I was on a tsukemen eating streak, so I ordered the tonkotsu gyokai tsukemen.

Very standard tonkotsu gyokai soup, whether you are looking at the texture, thickness, or transparency, it was everything you expect from a tonkotsu gyokai base.

Noodles once again very good. I felt a bit thinner than some of the shops that serve the real thick variety, but this I didn't mind at all.

As you can see the thickness of the soup, with some hints of black sesame seeds, and it was not oily at all.

Charshu was very good here. Very soft, very good for tsukemen. It blended well with soup, and make the easy experience very easy.

We have a winner with the tamago here. It was done very very well. One of the highlights at this shop.

All in all, a very good experience. I regret not trying the tonkotsu shio, and it looked very good and definitely worth a shot. Foot traffic is already pretty dead by the time you reach this shop, but it's good ramen attracted enough people as it was more than half full on a Saturday afternoon. Pretty impressive for non-feeding hours. The tsukemen is good, and the tonkotsu ship ramen is just interesting enough that I will have to visit this place again.

City: Tokyo, Japan
Location: Shibuya, 5 minutes from east exist
Hours: 11:30am - 9pm,
Website: No official website,
Ordering system: Machine
Available in English: None

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