Akasaka Ramensan 赤坂ラーメン

With all the ramen shops available in Japan, competition is fierce and it's really hard to stand out. While I've had some amazing ramen in Japan, sometimes you just want a meal that is satisfying where you don't have to stand in line for two hours.

On my first trip to Japan, I stayed in the Akasaka-Mitsuke area. This area is full of places to eat, and Akasaka Ramensan kind of stood out with it's huge sign and logo on top of the shop.

I'll be the first to admit, I've become a spoiled ramen eater. It's hard after you've had some of the top rated ramen shops in Tokyo not to become picky. But today, I was in the Akasaka area for work, and I just wanted to satisfy my hunger. So I decided to give this place a try.

I am such a sucker for ramen with nice layered pork, and Akasaka Ramensan does it great. The pork is very tender, it's done very well. And as you can see, the tamago is top notch. The yolk is cooked to perfection.

The noodles was average at best, it looks like you typical instant noodle. With so many ramen shops in Tokyo that servers amazing, homemade noodles, this place is nothing to write home about.

With that said, this place is no sloutch. Although not comparable to the top shops I've been to in Tokyo, if you are looking for a good meal, this place is worth a try.

City: Tokyo, Japan (also 5 shops in Taiwan)
Location: Akasaka, minutes walk from either Akasaka-Mitsuke or Akasaka Station
Hours: 11am - 5am Monday - Saturday, 6pm - 4am Sunday
Website: http://www.akasakaramen.com/
Ordering system: Machine
Available in English: Minimal

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